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What is WAYSAC

WAYSAC stands for Washington YSA Committee. It serves the Young Single Adults ages 18-31 of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The WAYSAC organization was created by the Western WA Area Seventies in 2005 under the direction of the First Presidency as one of a few pilot organizations to bring together Young Single Adults from multiple stakes.  After its one year pilot, it was deemed a success and used as a model to create many other multi-stake YSA committees around the USA. 


It is formed by 7 sub-committees in the 33-stake Puget Sound area (Bellingham to Olympia). Each sub-committee is made up of a number of stakes. These sub-committees have been given a budget to provide quality activities for Young Single Adults in their area. Each region is led by a male YSA co-chair and a female YSA co-chair and advised by a married stake presidency counselor and wife.  The regions provide monthly wholesome fun and spiritual activities for all YSAs in their respective stakes, occassionally combining with other regions to provide more networking opportunites and chances to make new friends.


Twice a year, the greater WAYSAC committee, comprised of all the regional co-chairs, provides a much larger activity where all YSAs are invited.  These two events include the annual WAYSAC Summer Conference (location moves each year) and the two North and South multi-regions' New Year's Eve Dances. 


WAYSAC Site Update

The WAYSAC site is currently being updated to look better and be more updated with current information. While the site is being updated some things will be missing. We will work on getting everything back in soon.


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